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Pressure Ulcer (Bed Sore)

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Pressure Ulcer (Bed Sore) A pressure ulcer, sometimes called a “bed sore,” is a skin injury that occurs in about 40,000 people every year. Usually, pressure sores happen when people are very ill for a long period of time and are not able to change their …

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Balance Problems

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Balance Problems Balance problems make it difficult for people to maintain stable and upright positions when standing, walking, and even sitting. Older people are at a higher risk of having balance problems; 75% of Americans older than 70 years are diagnosed as having “abnormal” balance. Older …

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Low Back Pain

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Low Back Pain If you have low back pain, you are not alone. At any given time, about 25% of people in the United States report having low back pain within the past 3 months. In most cases, low back pain is mild and disappears on …

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